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2017-2019 -  Universidad de Los Andes


2019-2021 -  University of Sankt Gallen

2021- Currently -  F+F Schule Fur Kunst



2020 - Navigating The Greyscale

2022 - The Early Works

Santiago Barco Rivière

Born in Bogotá, Colombia

Lives & works in Zurich, Switzerland


For the better half of the last decade there was this guy roaming the streets and rooms of the world with his cameras: completely perplexed by  the nature found only in the changing worlds that surrounded him. Motivated greatly by his travels, he has made it his life purpose to create images which evoque feeling in others.


No matter if it is making photographs of grand architectural creations or shooting still life and portraits in the studio, his aim is always to create content which stands on its own as a constructive and artistic interpretation of reality. 

He continues to actively study the arts of photography, design and other visual communications techniques. Always open to acquire mediums to express his ideas and depictions. Currently he courses a second undergraduate on Visual Communications with a focus on photography at the F+F Zurich.


                          - Andres Garcia

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